Фантастика. Фэнтези. Мистика

Following in the footsteps of Trolls, Brian and Wendy Froud lead readers deep into the world of faeries. Humans throughout history have always had special relationships and bonds with faeries, whether loving and helpful or at times destructive. This new book explores that complex relationship and the liminal state between the human and faery world where interaction occurs. In Brian Froud''s..

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Коллекционный арт-бук по игре Assassins''s Creed IV: Black Flag в твёрдом переплёте, в книге собраны уникальные арты, комментарии разработчиков, различные варианты внешнего вида персонажей, локации, исторические справки и многое другое.

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Im the Doctor. Im a Time Lord. Im from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. And Im the man whos going to save your life. Hes made a mark on almost every era of history, and hes touched millions of lives across space and time. In these pages youll find just some of the stories behind those brief encounters, each of them addressing the question that must never, ever..

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